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Do you struggle to find enough topics for your niche site? And are you not sure what is the right things to write about? Answer the public is a website that will help you get free, very targed long tail keyword search-engine traffic. You can’t simply get these keywords using any other keyword search tools, so Answer the public is a hidden gem.We are always looking for great ways to get free traffic to your website. Keep reading to find out how exactly you can use Answer the public and take advantage of this great tool!

Cover small topics with few searches using Answer the public

We have learnt that there is not a good idea to cover big, super popular topics for a brand new, niche website. It’s better to cover small niche topics in the beginning, and when the site begins to have authority, you can focus on wider topics within the same nice.

Answer the public screenshots
Answer the public screenshots

Answer the public helps you a lot.  Just go to the website, You will immediately be able to do your own searches, and the first searches are completely free, no need to sign up at all. In a nutshell, we can say that Answer the public is a platform that allows you to collect real questions that people type into Google and convert them into longtail keywords that you can use to get free traffic to your website.

Answer the public screenshots
Answer the public screenshots

Let me give you an example of how this works. If you want to cover events and festivals, you can type in “best festivals”, and click “get questions”. Now it’s going to take a moment to collect the keywords for you. As you can see, I have got several hundreds, various long keywords which are represented in both the graphical  form as well as a list form in the bottom. These keywords are really unique as you will not be going to get the same questions or the same keywords using any other tools. You can only get them using Answer the public. Once again, they are real keywords that people type into Google. They are very hyper targeted questions that people need solutions for.

How to get traffic using Answer the public?

Type one of the keywords into google and see how much competition we have. I’m going to take this one: “best festivals to volunteer at”. Copy and paste it into google enclosed in quotation marks so that we can figure out exactly how much that exact competition the reason Google for this keyword.

google competition for one long tail keyword
google competition for one long tail keyword

Here the competition shows only “about 3 results”. This is amazing because when you type them into Google you get hundred or thousand websites that are competing for that direct phrase. Here there are only 3, and this is an actual keyword that people type in on a regular basis into Google.

What is the best way to use Answer the public for your blog or website?

If you create some high quality content that is focused on this keyword “best festivals to volunteer at”, you are very likely to end up on page one of Google even if your website has a super minimal authority because there is so little competition out there for this keyword. I hope you see the power of this now.

Now, lets’ take it to the next level.

How do you actually get massive targeted traffic using into the public?

You already know there are thousands of suggestions here that you can get for your niche site. The strategy is to pick out 10 or 15 of these questions. Check them in Google like this using quotation marks and verify that there is a little competition so anything under 3000 results is great.

Then create one article which covers each of these questions in 100 to 200 words, so you would take “best festivals to volunteer at” and make that one of the headings (h2) on your article, and answer that question with 100 to 20 words. Then repeat the process, so basically create an article that answers 10-15 of these questions in one article.

This way you will have an article that is 1000-1500 words in length, which is an excellent length for Google. Once you publish that article it is very likely to start pulling in this longtail keyword search traffic from Google which will be very targeted and with very easy to get. You can get a lot of free traffic to your website using Answer the public.

Answer the public screenshots
Answer the public screenshots

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