Beautiful forex curve!

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Thanks to the trader Tiantian362 I have made 562 euros during the last week!


64000 pips during one year!
Tiantian362 is an experienced trader with more than 60 weeks of experience. He has made 64000 pips during his year on Zulutrade, an impressive number of pips! With the same lot settings a in the attached photo, you could make more than 50.000 euros in one year! Isn’t that amazing!? Please remember to adjust your lot settings according to your investment amount.

whatanicecurve Beautiful forex curve!

Beautiful forex curve

This trader has almost finished 6000 trades at Zulutrade. More than 5100 of them were succesful and he has an impresive winning percentage of 87%! Keep in mind he has a bit risky trading behaviour and could open 30 trades at once. Drawdowns may appear and there’s always a risk trading on Forex. For the moment 57% of his copiers have given him excellent rating!

Thanks to the trader Tiantian362 I have made 562 euros during the last week!

Long experience, worldwide recognition
Zulutrade was founded in 2007 and is now one of the biggest international automatic trading systems available. They have more than 10.000 affiliates, auto trading leaders, worldwide recognition, 2 platforms – Forex and Binary Options (I would recommend Forex for the moment. I will give you BO recommendations later when Zulutrade has got more experienced BO traders.) With Zulutrade you can trade almost everything, from stocks, indices, commodities and many more!

I have tried similar systems, but chose Zulutrade at last, because their system is user friendly. It is easy to find all the functions you need. They have a mobile app for almost every device so you can control the trades whenever and wherever on the go. Zulutrade has also a great customer service. I have chatted a lot with their agents, and they provide good service. I have also good experience with withdrawing money. They are doing a good job! The Zuluguard system lets you sleep at night, and you can set stop and limits for every trade if you want, in addition to trust your traders. I would recommend Zulutrade to everybody that wants to make money without any Forex experience! Begin with a demo account!


Beautiful forex curve!

whatanicecurve-300x208 Beautiful forex curve!

What a beautiful curve