Best investment plan with high returns in 2019 – Guide

Have you ever thought about having financial freedom? Do you have a plan on how to become financially independent? Then you should have a look at my list: best investment plan with high returns and low risk below.

When the cost of living is increasing, it’s essential to invest some of your savings to make the money work for you. Clearly, when we spend our hard-earned bucks, we want to generate high returns while sustaining small risk, don’t we?

Since the cryptocurrencies have been growing to the sky, there are new and exciting ways to make money than ever before. Some traders are making huge profits in just a few minutes of trading every day. Well to a point. We should spread the risk and invest small amount in several investment platforms. If we

Best investment plan with high returns

In this article I will share my best investment plan and the investment platforms that work for me right now

Crypto companies VS a traditional bank

In regards to returns, there are far better low-risk financial investments than others, but it is most definitely still true that the greater return you desire, then the more risk you have to accept. If you place a few thousand in a traditional bank, you can’t expect more than 1-3 % on a yearly basis, which for me is not enough. I expect more, and I’m willing to look at other places to make way more every month than the bank can provide during the entire year.

If you have a family or you’re soon reaching retirement, the appetite for risk goes down precipitously. You simply can not afford to see a big drop in the market right before you need to withdraw some of the money.

Cryptocurrency isn’t sponsored by banks, neither by any government administration, but rather by an amazingly convoluted game plan of calculations. Cryptocurrency is the power which is encoded into a complex series of calculations.

Today we are looking at some investment options that offer really good payouts. Below are a few of the very best reduced risk financial investment alternatives, some that also allow you to gain a decent return, whether you’re spending $100 or $10,000.  Cryptocurrency is a way to buy, offer, and contribute that totally maintains a strategic distance from both government oversight and managing an account framework following the development of your cash. In a world economy that is destabilized, this framework can turn into a steady constraint.

Best investment plan with high returns

Aside from opening your account as well as transferring your money, these methods need practically no work from your side. This is the most effective high return interest-bearing account deal with an affordable rate of interest without billing any type of costs.

Best investment plan with high returns

A high return financial savings account may be the answer if you’re looking for a safe income. With these accounts, you’ll gain a little bit extra every month which could be great for your economics.

It is a reality that financial investment plans that offer high returns with reduced risk do not exist. At least that was something I believed in – until I discovered all these new crypto companies that invest the money for you and give you a quick daily, weekly or monthly payout.

While picking a financial investment system, you have to match your very own risk account, with the dangers connected and with the item prior to spending.  In other words, never spend money you can’t afford to lose. If you are willing to invest money in one of these new mining companies, you can make a nice daily profit or you can choose one of their longer plans where you can earn much more.

You want to make money and invest them in a safe place

You’ve got some money sitting around in cash and you want to invest it and make a decent return. But you don’t want to tie up your money too long. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned money. Are there opportunities that even exist in today’s low-interest environment for short-term investing? There are millions of you that are in this same situation with money sitting in cash- but you don’t know what your options are. Today I am going to show you some options I already have tested.

Investment option – FT Group

Future Technology Group (FT Group) is a trading company mixing the best of using trading robots and real humans. FT Group is using the optimization of software and algorithmic trading.

They have a team that connects digital trading technologies, which subordinate about 40% of all world’s trading transactions and the tradition of a successful conclusion of stock exchange transactions by traders. I have personally followed FT Group since February and just made my first investment in their blue package, the Profit Plan. One unique thing is that they are paying one day in advance, so you can withdraw your first salary once you have deposited an amount. You don’t need to wait 24 hours. Withdrawals are being processed manually, but normally within some few hours. You can withdraw a minimum $1. In the red package you will get your entire deposit back at the end of the investment period, while in the blue package you get your daily portion of your deposit back including today’s earnings.

Join FT Group here
Ftgroup, Best investment plan with high returns

This is how my FT Group cabinet looks like.

Here is my video review of FT Group:

Join FT Group here

Investment option – Doubly

This investment platform was established in March 2018 and is more than one year old. Doubly is an AI-oriented crypto-trading company that offers automated and complex solutions to find perfect trades, both long-term and short-term trades. The standard plan can be invested from 0.005 BTC. You will reach the return of investment after 36 working days and your account will be doubled (200%) after 72 working days. If you invest in the other plans you can get your money doubled faster. You manage your account from your mobile phone, on the go, thanks to Doubly’s Telegram Bot where you can make payments, see daily interest, referral commissions and grab your free daily booster. They have live chat on their website, telegram group and send daily income reports to my e-mail.

Investment option – Bizzilion

All internet investors and holders of crypto assets.Bizzilion is a media agency that provides coordinating services for the purchase and sale to media channels of the broadcast rights to sporting events, TV programs, streaming broadcasts, and advertising pools. They work with international and domestic advertising agencies, streaming sites, major TV networks, and eGames.

You can make up to 188% in 74 calendar days if you choose their plan “Sports Broadcast 3.0” which offers daily payouts. This way you can make even more money if you reinvest.

Sporting events are always of interest, so the Sports Broadcasts investment plan is one of the most promising. Make an investment now, and in 74 days your passive income will be 159% to 188% of the amount of your initial investment. Bizzilion invests only in the biggest sporting events, and they guarantee timely payments in full to each of their partners, according to the website.


Bizzilion 11apr19

Bizzilion 11apr19

Bizzilion Monitorings

Bizzilion Monitorings

Investment option – Profitable Europe

The wow factor of Profitable Europe is that they pay 7.5% daily on deposits from 10 to 5000 USD. Withdrawals are processed daily manually and the admin is informing when they are being processed in their Telegram channel. When I have needed support, the admins on Telegram are very helpful and solve any problems quickly. They have been paying for 50 days now and seems to be stronger for every day.

Profitable Europe is an association of a large number of professional traders into one group in order to achieve a higher efficiency of cryptocurrency trading. In comparison with earlier stages of development, the company has significantly expanded its activities by trading several financial instruments. Simultaneous trading of multiple digital currencies allows to diversify risks by blocking the sagging rate of one of them with successful transactions with another cryptocurrency.

The current goal of is to stabilize the new, higher peaks of the profits by expansion of working capital and proper allocation of available financial resources.

Best investment plan with high returns


Update 11.April: My $250 deposit just expired and I made about $30 in 15 working days. I would like to invest in the VIP Plan in the future. It seems to be their best investment plan, as everything you will make after break even (less than 3 months) will become pure profit. It requires a minimum of $1500.

Investment option – Kirkfelt Plus

I have been in Kirkfelt since January 2019 and my $1100 deposits have grown quickly. I have reinvested daily and not withdrawn much more than I have deposited yet, and my referral bonuses have also helped the account to grow fast.

Kirkland results

My personal Kirkfelt account –  March 2019

Kirkland & Felt is composed of John Kirkland and William Felt, both well experienced in their respective industries. Mr. Kirkland is the proprietor of a Bitcoin mining operation since 2011 in Iceland and Mr. Felt has been in stock market trading since the mid 1990s. With the industry of trading evolving through the years, his expertise has been put to good use in the cryptocurrency trading market since 2016.

They offer 3 plans:

  • Max Plan: 7.0% daily for 20 business days (deposit from $25 to $100.000)
  • High Trade: 155% after 28 days (deposit from $10 to $100.000
  • Mining Plan: 1.25% daily for 20 days (deposit from $10 to $100.000)


A great thing about Kirkfelt is that you get your 7% daily payout every 24 hours Monday to Friday. E.g. if you have invested 1000 USD, you will get 70 USD daily for 20 business days = 1400 USD in total.



Kirkfelt investment

01 Kirkfelt

Join Kirkfelt Plus here


Disclaimer – do not invest if you can’t afford to lose

We are not the owners of these programs nor are we promoting these programs or contracted by the presented websites. You should never invest money in any investment platform that you cannot afford to lose. These platforms may close or stop paying without warning or notice. Please make sure you have a strategy that suits your savings and your wallet. These platforms are high risk sites.

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