Get prepared! The way to success begins now

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Are you tired of all the successful entrepreneurs out their that promise the «only way to make money easily»? So am I. But I am sure that the way to success begins now! I have joined plenty of seminars, bought softwares that promise immediate success, both affiliate marketing and forex trading, and lots of other stuff. There is also a jungle of webinars with successful e-commerce gurus that sell you training and do upsells several times afterwards. I get a dozen of mails every day with engaging titles about how to make money right now… But who can you rely on?

The results are mostly disappointing. It isn’t that simple to make a fortune as they claim, no matter if you have tried trading, affiliate marketing, blog writing nor e-commerce solutions.

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The way to success begins now

On the way to a winning formula. The way to success begins now

I am Trond, and thank you for checking out my site. I decided to quit my job at the airport. I was working in the car rental business. I wasn’t there yet that I had a winning formula. I just decided to give myself more time to investigate the formula. My plan was to work from home and make money. I knew I would never break that formula without sufficient of TIME. I was ready to invest hours of finding the winner formula. Which concepts could work for me? My own entrepreneurship could lead to the ultimate lifestyle I always wanted. I want a future where I am independent. I don’t want to have a boss that decides what I have to do and tells me what he is not happy about. It’s time to decide the working hours myself. There are more benefits. Just like I don’t need to take public transport in rush hour and spend hours on buses. Often I spent 2 hours just getting to work, and that was time I didn’t get paid for. Instead I had to pay the monthly bus subscription. I was tempted by the opportunity working from home or wherever I want. A less stressful life where I can invest in myself instead of other people and companies that only use me as a slave. If I am successful now I don’t need to share the profit with a boss that doesn’t care about my economy at all. Most bosses in the top have other focus than the workers on the floor.

The ultimate change for a better lifestyle

But there is a risk involved. If I am not successful… If I don’t make money… Then I will sooner or later return to the rental car office, and that would be a hard defeat. That would be the completely opposite thing of success. It would be like giving up all hope of a future lifestyle with freedom and a better economy. I want a life with economical freedom. I want to travel and see the world. It would be great bringing the laptop to a tropical paradise and work from the beach, while the winter months are cold and dark at home. I want to have more time for exercising and have fun. I love to go to cinemas, eat dinner out with friends or go to a cafeteria and have a cup of coffee. I love to join groups and do new activities, hiking and see the nature in my own country. I would also love to visit sea and mountains in other countries. It is a great thing to discover new things. With a 8-4 job your life is limited. Maybe you only travel once a year. All the flights are expensive in the peak season. If you could travel instead when others are working you could find bargain flights and hotels as well. There are many benefits of the lifestyle where you are your own boss. You just need to find the formula that works. Money is the key to success. All of us need it. It makes us feel successful, and more confident. I don’t say that money is the solution for a happy life, but it helps a lot. With money you can afford to have a family life aswell. What is better than giving your loved ones a life they deserve too? And if I could make a lot of money, I would love to help other people. It must be a really good feeling helping poor people and know that you make a difference for them. That is where I want to be in the future. I want to save people and learn people to make money.

Everyone needs money to survive. Every day, no matter if you have a family ot not,  you have bills to pay. Maybe you have a morgages…  a house is not free to maintain… maybe your car is not working.. the electricity bills may be very expensive…. and we all need to buy food. Even with a strict budget money is going out quite fast. And that is why I decided to create this website. I want to share with you the ways and steps to make money. We are privileged today. We didn’t have so many different opportunities before the Internet came. We have almost unlimited with ways to make money today. We can say thank you to the technology for having a jungle of opportunities. It’s about taking advantage of these opportunities. But you need to see the real ways, and that may be the difficulty. Also you need to set goals and find something that works for you.

The strategy of several buckets of income

While you struggle with how you can make the big money, you need a backup income. It’s obviously a good thing to not be dependent by just one income bucket. There will be smart to have several buckets of projects/income. I would not quit my old job completely without any survival strategy. My backup plan was to gain sufficient to “survive” on my minimum needs, and Norway, where I live is an expensive country to live in. Although I don’t work at the airport anymore, I earn at least 100€ per day. That means I can’t have any luxury life for the moment. One can’t buy everything you want when the income is so limited. The good thing is I can spend more time than before on finding out how to fill up the next bucket of income. I need to have strategies and goals. Discipline and structure are very important in this process. And it ‘s tough to plan the days, as I always see many different things I could do, but what makes the most money? By finding  a successful formula, I could generate an automatic residual income every month. The first part of the process is the worst and toughest one. ef37b0072bf41c2ad65a5854ef4b419ee77effd41db8134191f1c27aa4_640 Get prepared! The way to success begins now

The strategy of sharing and getting help from others

I will share with you everything because I really don’t see any reason sitting alone in this game as a lonely wholf. I think, if I share my own experience, there will be other people that will share their success stories with me, and we can be partners. Give and take. If we stand together and have the same goals we will reach much longer. Then we can become successful much faster. We can indeed become a team, you and me.

The benefits of not being alone in this game

If you are really interested, we can take part of several success stories, share real tutorials, in depth-guides. I think my niche will survive although I have one more competitor. I think I also will deliver a better job if I have somebody to cooperate with. I will think clearer, my goals will be analysed better and I will be more motivated. After all, I think there are more benefits than cons to share the stuff. I don’t like keeping the secrets for just myself. Together it is easier to find motivation. It is essential for moving on. The discipline and motivation are two things that are going hand in hand.

So there are plenty of reasons why teamwork is important. And there are no reasons or excuses to not taking part of a group. There is a reason why slogans like «Together We Are Stronger» and «We Need Each Other» always have worked.

I want to reach an active community out there. We can discuss, show projects in details and share experiences. Asking questions are also important, no matter if you feel stupid or not. In a group you both receive and give help. I will already now share some of my thoughts that lead me to reach the «survival level» without working for others any more.

Renting out a room?

I just want to be clear: The “survival income” is not part of my dream. It is not my strategy at all. It’s something I do temporary for surviving. I made my own survival budget too. The new sharing concepts let you easier than ever making some bucks by the things you already own. You can share things and services with strangers in ways you just could have dreamt about some few years ago. Property owners are practically sitting on a goldmine. If you have a spare bedroom, you can rent it out on Airbnb. You may also consider to go even further. If you have a conveniently located flat in the city centre of an attractive city you could consider to insert several bunk beds and rent out your flat to many guests every night. Travelers will love you for it. You may get new friends forever, and your bank account will grow as well.

My own Airbnb experiences

When I decided to quit my old job, I started immediately to rent out two of my spare rooms to travelers. And now I am fully booked almost every day. I think my guests get a good value, as one bedroom in my place is much cheaper than staying in a hotel. My guests also stay with a local. I know everything about my city, and can give them flat2-300x202 Get prepared! The way to success begins nowcustomized advice where to go for sightseeing, eating and more, based on their hobbies and interests. Many guests appreciate that I share local culture and kitchen with them. I spend some time when a new guests arrives with cleaning and organizing the bedrooms and delivering the keys, but when that is done, it’s not a tough job at all. I love to be service minded and help people, so that is the fun part. I have indeed got many new friends! I have been invited to all parts of the world. Some even invite me out for free drinks. The Airbnb income is a stable and safe income as I know I am fully booked for the next 3 months already. I get to make money for doing almost nothing. The Airbnb site handles all the transaction details. They make commisions of course, but is definitely worth it. I may make 50$ per room per night. Airbnb serves even a free insurance, although you could consider to buy an extra insurance from elsewhere just in case some renters should trash your home. If you consider to start hosting, you can use my affiliate link and you get 60$ extra as a welcome gift.

All storage space is valuable

If you have a garage, you could rent it out as a storage room or parking for a car or motorcycle. Think bigger and extend your vision: Also outdoor areas may be rented out. If you have a big lawn, just buy some containers and you can store cars safely and gain monthly incomes. You probably get back the costs after some few months rental! Use a local newspaper or an online ad site to find people that are looking for a parking spot!
Maybe you have a spare room that doesnt work for renting out at night? Maybe better for you to rent it out as an office room? At Desktime you can rent out your office space on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Desktime is available in more and more cities worldwide.
 storagecars-300x226 Get prepared! The way to success begins now
You can also consider to rent out your car and make money every day, week and month. Most sharing sites have a good insurance system included. Your car is protected and you can easily earn thousands of dollars a year renting out the spare car when you don’t need it. There is a minimal risk involved sharing your stuff with others.
Maybe you want to help people getting from one place to another? The dream working as a taxi driver has never been easier. Some of the car sharing services are named Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. Unfortunately they are not allowed in all countries. E.g. in Norway you need a special license to carry people. But you have Nimber where you can transport products for people. It’s convenient! I have used Nimber many times when I need help to bring chairs or a bed. It’s convenient and the drivers have given me good value.

Making money on your talent?

Maybe you are a student and don’t own any car or apartment yet. But you may have a talent or something that you

residualincome-300x200 Get prepared! The way to success begins now

The way to success begins now

have passion for? Do you like graphics and design? Or writing and translation? Video or animation? If you are good at marketing, coding or talking (e.g. voice-overs or present products) Fiverr is a great place to be. You can help others and you make 5$ or more very easily. Actually 5$ may sound like slavery… But it’s a nice entrance ticket! Most 5$ jobs are done in less than 10 minutes. And you can do upsells and make hundreds of dollars afterwards. You may also sign up on Gigbucks which is almost he same concept. It is free to sign up and you can register as many gigs as you want!


I am still in the beginning, but my hope is growing every day when I see the results: My different buckets will shortly be filled with residual income. They will consist of completely different concepts. In the next days I will introduce my different winner strategies in detail. Take this just as an introduction. I would be happy to hearing from you if you also are a new entrepreneur. How is it going? Have you found a formula that works? When will you be independent? Do you have a residual income already or do you have to work hard every day? When do you expect to make enough money to have the success you always have wanted?
I want to give you help to make money. Stay tuned. Let’s keep in touch.