My scalper gave me 97.5 Euros in profit in less than one day!

pYesterday I wrote that I had chosen EASCALPH1 as my new Zulutrader… And he has delivered a great result after just some few hours! I wanted to give you the brand spanking new results. It is quite impressing, after so short time! A new trading week has just started, and this trader already shows that he is doing it again! He makes a lots of pips for me and all the other followers of Zulutrade… I want to thank him actually. He did it for me while I was sleeping! He is a pro scalp trader, and I just write a review 24 hours later…


Zulutrade Eascalph1 results, 100% won trades today
Zulutrade Eascalph1 results, 100% won trades today

With the settings of 1,0 Lots and 3000 euros in investment, I won 98 Euros today. This is an example of how fast you can make money with scalp trading, also trading on autopilot with the best scalpers and zulutraders online. Please note that trading means risking money. You should not trade with money you cant afford to lose.

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  • 10/10
    Scalp traders on Zulutrade - 10/10


Winning all the trades since I added him! Gives him 5 stars!